Metronomy Tease Mysterious 'I'm Aquarius' Project

Metronomy Tease Mysterious 'I'm Aquarius' Project
Metronomy released The English Riviera well over two years ago, and it looks as if the British electro-pop act are poised to return, since they've teased a new project evidently called I'm Aquarius.

Currently, all we know comes via the band's website, which features a logo with the words "I'm Aquarius." This is accompanied by a brief loop of new music, which pairs a sparse electronic beat with some ultra-poppy "shoop doop" vocals. The band's Facebook and Twitter pages have been updated with the new logo.

Beyond that, we're still in the dark about what exactly I'm Aquarius is. It could be the title of an upcoming album, the name of the song in the preview snippet, or a some sort of other project.

The band previously told NME that they were working on a new LP. Almost a year ago, they shared a photo from an apparent studio or rehearsal session along with the caption "in the lab."

Since The English Riviera, which was nominated for the 2011 Mercury Prize, Metronomy have released remixes and a LateNightTales mix.