Metric Stay "Indie” For Fourth Album

Metric Stay "Indie” For Fourth Album
Un-imperial Canadian quartet Metric have built a solid fan base around constant touring and new wave-influenced indie rock for the better part of ten years. And despite some crossover appeal in mainstream Canadian markets, the band have decided to stay with their pseudo-indie home, Last Gang Records, for their upcoming fourth album.

In a recent interview with Billboard, their manager Mathieu Drouin explained the band’s views, stating that "We've wrestled with our situation over the course of the last three albums, trying to find the right deal. We found ourselves in a position where the majors were interested, but we knew we had the ability to roll the dice and do it ourselves."

Rather than some Fugazi-esque morality rant, however, Drouin reveals that the motivators are certainly financial, explaining, "We can make more money on a smaller volume overall if we are doing everything ourselves…The established music industry has tried to create scarcity and then make money off it. But I think the people who will do well in the future will take advantage of scale. We don't want to be gouging the public; we want to give them a diversity of choice. Metric are also a band that have a close relationship with their fan base, and many of their fans will buy anything the band does. It gives us a certain amount of security.”

Metric will be appearing at Quebec City’s Le festival Envol et Macadam on September 12 and Charlottetown’s Summerset Music Festival on the 13th.

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