Metric Slam the "Business" of Rock'n'Roll

Metric Slam the 'Business' of Rock'n'Roll
While playing at Glastonbury this weekend, Canadian indie rock darlings Metric took a little time out to sound off on their rock'n'roll peers, saying that if bands have careerist ambitious, they should just quit right now.

"Professionalism is the death of rock'n'roll," guitarist James Shaw told NME. "Do your best if you play an instrument. Don't be professional under any circumstances. Or else please quit and go to business school."

Front-woman Emily Haines piped in to back her band mate, explaining, "[Glastonbury is] about music in a time when it was made to have a beautiful and incredible life, and there's a warmth to it... It's not [the] cold and exacting 'business' that rock'n'roll has become."

She also went on to say that Metric's anti-business stance may simply have to do with her being a hippy at heart. "It's like, what is the point of music? What is it ultimately here to serve in life?" Haines said. "It should be a soundtrack to an existence and something that brings people together. And if that makes me a hippy, I'm a hippy!"