Metric Respond to Backlash over Help Haiti T-Shirt

Metric Respond to Backlash over Help Haiti T-Shirt
Like so many other bands, Metric have offered up support to the earthquake-stricken people of Haiti. Last month, they appeared on a telethon to help raise funds for relief, and they also designed a new T-shirt, with all of the proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross Haiti relief effort.

Unfortunately, some people called foul when the band unveiled the design for their charity shirt, which was emblazoned with the title of their 2009 single "Help, I'm Alive." Now Toronto questioned the use of the slogan, stating, "They must have thought [it] would be a clever tie-in with the tragedy." Similarly, Eye Weekly accused the band of "likening their pop star angst to a human tragedy of epic proportions."

Metric have now responded to these criticisms, issuing a statement saying, "Despite our good intentions, we can see how the messaging could be interpreted in a way different than we intended, and we apologize to anyone who took offense."

The band has created a new T-shirt design (see above), showing a simple ribbon with the words "Help Haiti." The band name no longer appears on the shirt.

For anyone who bought the old design, Metric has offered to replace it with the new shirt, and will be contacting purchasers in the next week. According to the statement, the group "have already raised thousands of dollars that will go toward aiding those dealing first-hand with this catastrophic event."

Hopefully, Metric's experience doesn't scare other artists off from reaching out to assist Haiti. Still, it's hard to ignore the questionable implications of the original T-shirt design.