Methods of Mayhem Methods of Mayhem

The childish lyrics that Tommy Lee recorded on his answering machine from the L.A. county jail, combined with trendy scratches, raps and sanitised suburban industrial rhythms makes for an album that is so comical it hurts. Their attempts to get political on "Proposition Fuck You" will bring tears to your eyes. By taking the time to unintentionally satirise his problems, Lee lets us get inside his head where we discover that he is as sensible as a 17-year-old. Sure it's funny when he samples his drug testing procedures on "Narcotic" and ends it with a big toke inhale, but then we don't have to live with him. Neither do Fred Durst, Lil' Kim, Snoop Dogg, Crystal Method or U-god, all who turned up in the studio to encourage and contribute. Methods of Mayhem’s rare look into the immature mind of Tommy Lee is almost worth the price of admission. (MCA)