Metallica Fans Riot in India After Concert Gets Postponed

Metallica Fans Riot in India After Concert Gets Postponed
Things got heated in Gurgaon, India today (October 28) when Metallica fans began rioting following an announcement that the group's gig, their first ever in the country, would be postponed due to "technical difficulties."

According to the Times of India, the Bay Area bangers were to play the city's Gurgaon Stadium, but promoters were forced to tell the crowd that the performance would now take place on Saturday (October 29).

"Due to some technical problems we are postponing the Metallica concert to tomorrow," organizers reportedly said from the stage.

The fans who filled the stadium didn't take kindly to the news and began tearing the place apart.

As you can see in the fan-shot vid below, concertgoers broke down barriers and began trashing the stadium before storming the stage to tear down posters and toss around equipment.

It's unclear exactly why the show was stymied, but regardless, the fans are angry.

"I am very disappointed that the concert has been cancelled," a concertgoer named Karan told the Times. "I came all the way from Mumbai to see the concert. I have been standing for almost two hours now and have just been told that it has been postponed. No organizer has made any official statement if our tickets will be reimbursed or not."

Depending on the reason for the postponement, fans who may not be able to make the show tomorrow may get their money back, according to Gurgaon deputy commissioner of police P C Meena.

"If the administration finds that the reason behind the postponement of the concert is not genuine, then we will refund the ticket amount to buyers," the official said.

Coming just days before that questionable Loutallica release, this fall has not bode well for the band.