Metallica Bassist Cliff Burton Immortalized in New Biography

Metallica Bassist Cliff Burton Immortalized in New Biography
All of the people who believe that Metallica died with Cliff Burton back in 1986 now have more fodder for your argument. British author Joel McIver has finished his biography To Live Is to Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton, a detailed account of the legendary bassist's life.

Feeding off of his legacy like the vultures they are - sorry, memorializing him - Metallica is selling the book as published by Jawbone Press. It features a foreword by Metallica guitarist/close friend Kirk Hammett.

"I'm deeply honoured that Kirk spoke to me for the Cliff Burton biography," McIver told Blabbermouth recently.

"We talked about the roller-coaster ride of Metallica's early career, which he and Cliff experienced, from the time that both men joined the band in early 1983 until Cliff's death three and a half years later. The impact that Burton had on the rest of Metallica, both musically and as an example of how to stick to your principles in the music industry, was profound - and Kirk provided a perspective on that impact which couldn't have come from anywhere else."

To Live Is to Die also features quotes from Burton's bass teacher Steve Doherty, legendary reporter and photographer Brian Lew, Exodus founder Gary Holt, Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel, photographer Ross Halfin, producer Flemming Rasmussen and more. McIver previously penned Justice for All: The Truth About Metallica in 2003.