Metallica "Lords of Summer" (live video)

Metallica 'Lords of Summer' (live video)
Perhaps hinting at a season's worth of festival shows, Metallica unveiled a new song at a weekend concert in Colombia called "Lords of Summer."

The track was premiered last night (March 16) in Bogota, following the band's Facebook post last week telling fans to expect a new song soon. The track, meanwhile, takes on an old-school thrash approach that should please longtime fans. From an ominous intro to its frenetic, down-picked metal licks to a multi-passaged arrangement exploring speedy rhythms and vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield's familiar yell, the band are channelling some serious '80s Metallica vibes.

The lo-fi recording quality is a little compromised, but you can get a taste of what to expect off the band's still-in-the-works new album, or at least what could pop up in their setlist at this August's Heavy Montreal. You'll find all of Metallica's show schedule over here.