Mest Wasting Time

First Blink 182 spoofs Backstreet Boys, now they have a taste of their own medicine. Mest's CD uses sexy whore midgets for their CD artwork, similar to the cleavage cover of Blink. You may have heard "What's the Dillio" on the radio - that's Mest. Mest is an irresponsible teenage band, sounding much like Goldfinger (one of their inspirations), Sublime and even a bit of MXPX. The best is the pathetic lingering teenage line: "...haven't felt real love in so long." With an average age of 20, when was that, yesterday? One member has a Social Distortion tattoo, yet in their website bio they mention Mötley Crüe, Poison and Sublime. Sends shivers down my spine too. (Maverick)