Mest Photographs

The latest from Mest has all the elements of their past work — the catchiness, the rock and punk breaks with the echoing drum beats and the energy to it that makes you want to bop up and down. What it lacks is the attitude and originality that has been so prominent on their older stuff. It seems like these boys are getting pretty complacent in their old age, which leaves them in a hair gel and tattooed pile of dust. It does include an additional DVD to try and "up” the value of the album, but it might as well be substituted for an E! True Hollywood story — it’s Mest: older, fatter, and less energetic. To all those die-hard fans and band-aids: sorry to burst the candy coloured bubble, but the dream is over; Mest as you once knew them have faded into a shadow of their former selves. (Maverick)