Meshuggah Alive

Math metal titans Meshuggah have finally released their highly anticipated concert DVD/CD digipack, Alive. The Swedish quintet's first ever live release, Alive features footage and audio from Meshuggah's 2009 North American tour and from their 2008 performance at the Loudpark Festival in Tokyo. The CD portion of Alive is comprised of over an hour's worth of mind-busting audio, with 12 tracks from these various performances. Starting off with "Perpetual Black Second" from 2002's Nothing, Meshuggah's live atmosphere is heavy as hell and their characteristic intensity carries on throughout the album, with a handful of tunes from latest effort obZen, including "Electric Red," "Lethargica" and "Bleed." But as per Meshuggah's usual live sets, they didn't forget to throw in some treats for their long-time fans, as the record also features a few gems from 1998's Chaosphere, as well as "Humiliative" from their 1994 None EP. Although it doesn't compare to the real thing, Alive is certainly worth a listen for experimental death metal extremists. (Nuclear Blast)