Mercy Killers Bloodlove

As the oxymoron in their name may subtly hint at, Mercy Killers are a strange breed. Surprisingly laidback and moody for a band of such a genre (and label), this power trio deliver straight-forward rock songs that sit closer to the confines of punk rock’n’roll than the typical gutter punk tendencies of a Hellcat artist. It means that Bloodlove sets a captivating albeit creepy atmosphere with songs that are angry, disenchanted and slightly bitter without coming across like yet more whining over the unfairness of life. Strange that a dark, moderately dreary and borderline depressing style still punches out with glimmers of hope interjected to keep things from derailing entirely though, all made even more impacting by vocals delivered in a hoarse under-the-breath way. The strong interplay of dynamics finds the band occasionally shifting from raging 4/4 beats to dissonant guitar passages that are subtle and sparse making them stand out, leading one to imagine this to be the dirtier, more tattooed brother to the pop-driven moroseness of Alkaline Trio. (Hellcat)