Mercury Switch If You Love Me, You'd Take Me to the City

Straight outta New Hampshire, Mercury Switch are nothing if not overwhelming on this epic 65-minute album. I was exhausted two minutes into the first song, what with all the metalcore changeups from melodic to chaotic, pummelling to rocking. And it's just so relentless, by song number four it's really hard to tell whether this band is brilliant or just annoying. The cool artwork, nice production and endless ambition makes one want to give them brilliant status, but this thing is just too laborious to sift through. File next to, say, that triple live Yes album in my collection, because as much as I respect that as well, I'll never listen to it again either. If Mercury Switch streamlined everything they could be a lot more effective. As is, they will no doubt impress in the live setting, but only those with serious attention spans will be getting much enjoyment out of this album. Then again, try it in four sittings and it's like getting four good EPs! (Indianola)