The Menzingers Detail Epitaph Records LP 'On the Impossible Past'

The Menzingers Detail Epitaph Records LP 'On the Impossible Past'
If you've been holding your breath for the next album from Scranton, PA pop-punkers the Menzingers after they announced their signing to the venerable Epitaph label last May, you can finally exhale. The troupe will be delivering their debut for the record company this February.

According to a press release, the Pennsylvanians will drop On the Impossible Past, their follow up to 2010's Chamberlain Waits, on February 21. The 13-song set was recorded at Chicago's Atlas Studios with Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, the Lawrence Arms) and Justin Yates, and reportedly maintains the group's raucous spirit while also moving away from their tried and true punk approach. Speaking of album track "Gates," singer/guitarist Tom May explained, "I hope it surprises people because it's not a straight-forward punk song with gang vocals or anything like that but it still definitely sounds like us."

While their next album is still a month and a half away from hitting retailers, the outfit are offering up a sneak peek via a new seven-inch on their former label, Red Scare. On The Impossible Past track "The Obituaries," which you can stream below, has popped up as the A-side, while the flip features "Burn After Writing." You can pre-order the mini-platter, which will arrive in stores later this month, over here.

On The Impossible Past:

1. "Good Things"
2. "Burn After Writing"
3. "The Obituaries"
4. "Gates"
5. "Ava House"
6. "Sun Hotel"
7. "Sculptors and Vandals"
8. "Mexican Guitars"
9. "On The Impossible Past"
10. "Nice Things"
11. "Casey"
12. "I Can't Seem To Tell"
13. "Freedom Bridge"