The Men Promise to 'Open Your Heart' with New LP

The Men Promise to 'Open Your Heart' with New LP
Brooklyn punk weirdoes the Men released one of the greatest albums of the year in Leave Home, showcasing them on a larger stage and kicking off their relationship with Sacred Bones Records. Now, they're getting ready to do it all over again with a brand new album.

The next record is called Open Your Heart, and sees the band go even further into demolishing your ideas of what hardcore is. As a press release explains, the album finds the group "explore twangy country, surf-ish riffs, psych, and just about everything in between," adding that the group "flower into the fully diversified punk band their fans have always championed them for being."

It sounds pretty damn exciting, and we can't wait to hear what a country song by the Men would sound like. Fortunately, the wait won't take too long, as Open Your Heart will hit shelves on March 6 via Sacred Bones.

Open Your Heart:

1. "Turn It Around"

2. "Animal"

3. "Country Song"

4. "Oscillation"

5. "Please Don't Go Away"

6. "Open Your Heart"

7. "Candy"

8. "Cube"

9. "Presence"

10. "Ex-Dreams"