Men in Fur Men in Fur

While the Snow Fairies are his proper band, Jayme Guokas’ side project appears on the surface to be a lot more interesting. Men in Fur are a band whose angle is that they like animals. So much so that the band want to celebrate their unconditional love for the small furry animals with which we share the planet with (their words, not mine...), and while it is kind of refreshing to hear an album that isn’t just about unrequited love, but it turns out that this is equally tedious. Men in Fur epitomises everything that so many people dislike about indie pop. The songs go out of their way to be cute and twee, with every song having a zoological theme. The sole high spot comes via the vocals of Rose Bochansky and Melissa Kramer (who are also in the Snow Fairies with Jayme) because they inject some much-needed life into the proceedings when they are allowed to take the lead. The biggest problem isn’t that Men in Fur want to be cute, rather that they are trying so hard to be cute that it feels contrived and just not very interesting. The band’s next project is a concept album based on the novel Watership Down, complete with an accompanying stage production. You have been warned. (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)