Men at Adventure Outline Debut 7-Inch

Men at Adventure Outline Debut 7-Inch
Though made up of four Vancouver scene vets, Men at Adventure are relatively new to the city's musical landscape. If you haven't already caught the wiry post-punkers around town, or if you're not out on the West Coast, you can now get acquainted with the act via their upcoming debut seven-inch.

A press release from Storyboard Label explains that the imprint will release the wax platter as part of its singles collection on Tuesday (November 8). Previous entries in the series include that recently issued Lighting Dust/Hard Drugs split.

Interestingly Hard Drugs' guitarist Jeffry Lee figures into Men at Adventure's lineup, which also features yelper/guitarist Dave Paterson (the Measure, Spitfires), drummer Cory Gagnes (S.T.R.E.E.T.S.) and bassist Jake Goodman.

The A-side offers the spiky "Chop Thru It," a "Stooges-esque mid-tempo creeper with a grunge-y Mudhoney glaze," that you can stream below, while the flip features a number called "The Ballad," which, appropriately, is a murder ballad. On top of the vinyl release's pair of tracks, a download featuring bonus tracks will be included.

The record is being pressed on, ugh, "semen-coloured" vinyl, sports hand-screened covers featuring art by Lee (which you can see above) and is limited to 333 copies. Men at Adventure will be playing a record release for "Chop Thru It" / "The Ballad" at Vancouver's Astoria on November 12, with support from fellow locals Scarebro, Warbaby and Milwaukee's Uh-Oh.

Chop Thru It by StoryboardLabel