Memotone & Soosh


Memotone & SooshMemoosh
Sometimes it takes a mutual friend to bring two strangers together in the hopes that they connect. In this case it was the minds of label Project: Mooncircle, who saw the potential for collaboration between experimental, multi-instrumentalist Memotone and textural ambient producer Soosh. The result is an LP that both strikes a perfect chord between the two artists' styles and leads them into uncharted territory.

Memoosh is a beautiful album. From the first zither beckoning of "The Roofwalker" all the way down to the drunken effects of "Singing Mountain," the recordings are consistently delightful. Memoosh doesn't simply display both artists' talents on the whole; you can hear the collaboration within each track. "Pale Fire," for example, plays host to Memotone's haunted orchestral approach while simultaneously flirting with Soosh's warm tones. This lovely waltz is repeated throughout the record, only diverting a couple of times to experiment with harrowing techno track "The Building with the Blue Eyes" and shock-to-the-system jungle tangent "First Avenue." Both tracks should stick out like sore thumbs, but instead they act as a fitting jolt; they're the two bottles of rum that were brought to stir up the perfectly pleasant picnic. (Project: Mooncircle)
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