Memory Tapes 'Ghosting Notes' Mixtape

Memory Tapes 'Ghosting Notes' Mixtape
As producer Dayve Hawk gets ready to release his new Memory Tapes album Player Piano on July 5 via Carpark, the New Jersey-based producer has just dropped Ghosting Notes, a mixtape of songs he was listening to while making the album.

The mix is available for download right here courtesy of Gorilla Vs. Bear. The tracks aren't separated, though, so we've also got the full tracklisting so you can follow along.

Ghosting Notes:

1. Memory Tapes "Fell Thru Ice 2″
2. The Cookies "I Never Dreamed"
3. Celestial Choir "Stand On The Word"
4. Lindisfarne "Lady Eleanor"
5. Gandalf "Me About You"
6. Amnesty "We Have Love"
7. Anna "Systems Breaking Down"
8. Memory Tapes "Worries"
9. David Bowie "Win"
10. Funkadelic "March To The Witch's Castle"
11. Black Keys "Too Afraid To Love You (Memory Tapes Version)"
12. Memory Tapes "Fell Thru Ice"
13. Memory Tapes (music from Scott Eastwood art show)
14. Memory Tapes "No. 79″