Members of Portico, Hinterland Team Up for Debut Album as Drawn Ship

Members of Portico, Hinterland Team Up for Debut Album as Drawn Ship
Vancouver groups Portico and Hinterland have both impressed us in recent years -- Portico with their "catchy, accomplished" First Neighbours from 2009 and Hinterland with their "enthralling and addictive" Pan Pan Medico from 2008. Now, members of the two bands have come together to form Drawn Ship, who will release Low Domestic through Scratch Records on September 6.

Drawn Ship features Portico leader Lyn Heinemann and Hinterland drummer Gregg Steffensen. A press release promises that the disc will offer "loud, stripped-down, thick guitar and drums with unpredictable arrangements and gorgeous melodies." It was recorded "using as little instrumentation as possible" and features vocal backups from Hannah Georgas and Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond.

Low Domestic is about "the death of marriages, of affairs, of friendships, of ideals, and of people." It originally began as an album of exclusively break-up songs, but this theme fell apart when Heinemann wrote songs about Louis Riel, a World War II pilot, sexual abuse and addiction.

Recording took place at Mushroom and District Four studios in Vancouver. See the tracklist below, and listen to a handful of album cuts at the bottom of the page.

Low Domestic:

1. "The Best Ones Go"
2. "Silent Auction"
3. "Glass Eye"
4. "Sick With the Sound"
5. "Fists, Hooves, Claws"
6. "Body Parts"
7. "Adventure Series"
8. "Execution"
9. "Buckner"
10. "You Only"
11. "New Lucky Room"

Glass Eye by DRAWN SHIP

Sick With The Sound by DRAWN SHIP

Silent Auction by DRAWN SHIP

Fists, Hooves, Claws by DRAWN SHIP