Members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, OFF! to Make Debut as Ten Commandos

Members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, OFF! to Make Debut as Ten Commandos
It's been over a year since members of OFF!, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Queens of the Stone Age began hinting at a new collaborative project, but the supergroup are now primed to make their official debut. As Ten Commandos, they'll deliver a single titled "Staring Down the Dust" this Friday (October 9), with their debut album set to arrive in November. 

The news came directly from Chilean rocker and onetime Queens of the Stone Age member Alain Johannes, who used his personal Instagram account to announce the single and repost a previously circulated promo shot of him and his bandmates: drummer Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden), Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden) and Dimitri Coats (OFF!, Burning Brides).

As you'll note via the post above, the single will also feature vocals from gravel-voiced Screaming Trees/Queens of the Stone Age alum Mark Lanegan.

"Staring Down the Dust" precedes an as-yet-undetailed full-length album, which will arrive next month via Pearl Jam member Stone Gossard's Monkeywrench Records.

While the world has yet to hear what Ten Commandos have to offer, Coats had previously explained that both he and Johannes will be sharing vocal duties as well. The project's roots trace back all the way to 2008 after Cameron, Shepherd and Johannes started jamming together. Coats joined up with the rest of the act a few years later.

Coats had described Ten Commandos' Seattle recording sessions as "really heavy and doomy," balancing blues influences with Superunknown-period Soundgarden and Stevie Wonder.
UPDATE (10/9, 11:40 a.m.): You can now listen to "Staring Down the Dust" below.