The Melvins Reveal New Live Album

The Melvins Reveal New Live Album
If ever you've had the chance to witness sludge metal pioneers the Melvins in concert, you know the band completely destroys in a live setting. In their current four-piece lineup, the group are an unstoppable juggernaut featuring furious, tag-team drum acrobatics, as well as a plethora of undeniably punishing rawk riffs. If you haven't seen them, however, the band are about to do you a solid: the Melvins are about to release a new live album.

The heavy quartet will be dropping the 13-track Sugar Daddy Live album May 31, courtesy of longtime label Ipecac Recordings. The concert was recorded at the Busta-Guts Club in Downey, CA and features a number of old favourites. Highlights include "Boris," from their 1991 set Bullhead, and the title track from their 2008 platter Nude with Boots.

It's unclear when the concert took place, but it should be noted none of the tracks off their most recent studio set The Bride Screamed Murder are featured on the live disc. Check out the tracklisting below.

Sugar Daddy Live

1. "Nude with Boots"

2. "Dog Island"

3. "Dies Iraea"

4. "Civilized Worm"

5. "The Kicking Machine"

6. "Eye Flies"

7. "Tipping The Lion"

8. "Rat Faced Granny"

9. "The Hawk"

10. "You've Never Been Right"

11. "A History of Bad Men"

12. "Star Spangled Banner"

13. "Boris"