The Melvins Resurrect Early Material for New Vinyl Reissues

The Melvins Resurrect Early Material for New Vinyl Reissues
While the Melvins' back catalogue got even deeper this fall via the release of Hold It In, a series of some of the band's oldest records are being put back in the spotlight for a vinyl reissue campaign.

Boner Records is set to deliver a pair of double-LP packages on January 20 that slap together a few early releases. First up is a double set for 1989's Ozma and 1991's Bullhead. As explained in a press release, Ozma was recorded shortly after the band moved from Washington State down to San Francisco, with the release also being the first to feature bassist Lori Temple Black. The album includes patented "distorted, down-tuned doom riffs."

The songs on Bullhead, on the other hand, are said to be longer than previous work, with the mood of the album described as "calmer, yet more menacing."

The records will come remastered and packaged in a gatefold sleeve featuring the original artwork and never-before-seen photos. The set also comes with a download card.

Also gathered up as a double LP is 1991's Eggnog EP and 1992's Lice-All (originally issued as Lysol). Eggnog featured quick blasts like "Hog Leg," described as sounding like "a syphillitic Jimmy Swaggert trying to mimic Dio while being backed by a drunken ZZ Top cover band."

Lice-All, meanwhile, was the band's last album before moving to major label Atlantic and is also the first release to feature bassist Joe Preston (Earth, Thrones). The sludge-styled cycle is described as "one long, slow, loud blob of drones, moans and fuzztones."

This package also arrives in a gatefold sleeve adding vintage photos to the original artwork.


  1. Vile
2. Oven
3. At A Crawl
4. Let God Be Your Gardener
5. Creepy Smell
6. Kool Legged
7. Green Honey
8. Agonizer
9. Raise A Paw
10. Love Thing
11. Ever Since My Accident
12. Revulsion / We Reach
13. Dead Dressed
14. Cranky Messiah
15. Claude
16. My Small Percent Shows Most
17. Candy-O
18. Boris
19. Anaconda
20. Ligature
21. It's Shoved
22. Zodiac
23. If I Had An Exorcism
24. Your Blessened
25. Cow


1. Wispy
2. Antitoxidote
3. Hog Leg
4. Charmicarmicat
5. Hung Bunny / Roman Bird Dog / Sacrifice / Second Coming / The Ballad Of Dwight Fry / With Teeth