The Melvins Sugar Daddy Live

The MelvinsSugar Daddy Live
Influential sludge-mongers the Melvins never cease to inspire and excite with their studio albums. But diehard fans know the shows are where they truly shine. Delivering songs with primal gusto and flare, the band's true power and creativity are undeniable when pumping through a monolithic sound system. Such is the reason these progressively apocalyptic grinders can issue a number of live releases in their career and still get away with another 13-track blast of in-the-moment with Sugar Daddy Live. To that extent, the quartet prove once again just how slick and refined, yet explosively scientific, they can be, perfectly executing a thick onslaught of gargantuan sound and intricate structures. Pleasing long-time fans, the album's set steps all the way back to their debut effort, 1987's Gluey Porch Treatments, with "Eye Flys" and hits prime moments, including "Boris," Stag's "Tipping The Lion" and more. Strangely absent is anything from latest work The Bride Screamed Murder, while 2008's Nude With Boots is represented by three tracks. Still, when faced with such a monumental force ― knowing they're probably working on something Bride-centric anyways ― Sugar Daddy Live is entirely worthwhile. (Ipecac)