The Melvins Split 7-inch with Unsane

The MelvinsSplit 7-inch with Unsane
Earlier this year we learned that noise rock vets the Melvins and Unsane were teaming up for a split seven-inch to coincide with a U.S. tour this April. The bad news is that barring some extra copies they might have at the merch table, the Amphetamine Reptile label is already sold out of the limited-edition slab of wax. The good news is that you can stream both songs online.

Unsane's take on the Melvins' "The Bloat," originally off 1996's Stag, plays it plenty aggro, but features a steady pacing to the song's fuzzy backdrop that makes it surprisingly poppier than the decrepit minimalism of the original.

The Melvins tackle "Alleged" with aplomb, keeping the psychedelic noise stomp's wonky harmonica bits intact.

Check them both out below.