The Melvins "Sesame Street Meat"

The Melvins "Sesame Street Meat"
You know, we were already kind of weirded-out with the idea of chomping on a "Brass Cupcake," but the Melvins' latest Hold It In preview, "Sesame Street Meat," makes for a most uncomfortable meal plan.

That said, the group are delivering the goods, mucking up the track with signature sludge riffs and Dale Crover's gut-rumbling drum beats. Presented as all-meat and no gristle, the choice cut is apparently as well done as a canary-yellow slice of Big Bird's breast. We're going to pass on seconds of the latter, though.

"This track is one of the first songs we recorded together," Crover said in a statement. "I love Jeff [Pinkus]'s slinky little bass line that comes in around the 3rd measure! Then the whole band kicks in and just crushes you like a bug! One of my faves!"

You can feast on "Sesame Street Meat" down below, courtesy of The Quietus.

As previously reported, Hold It In teams Melvins founders Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover with Butthole Surfers guitarist Paul Leary and bassist JD Pinkus. The album lands October 14 via Ipecac Recordings.