Melodramatic Melodramatic

Melodramatic is two MC-producers from Silver Spring, MD that are attempting to display their skills with a variety of tracks. I won't pretend that they are all good, although they should be. Los and Rosko are obviously talented MCs with tight, positive street rhymes. When they fail it's due to weak beats that come off as too mellow and synthetic, like "Melo Deez" and "Love to a Star." It's odd considering Melodramatic's self-produced beats can have a lot of depth and movement, such as the underground banger "Red Sun" and the quiet storm to hard-rocker "Hectic Daze In A Beautiful World," an instrumental coup that makes some of their other beats sound like simplistic cheese in comparison. The opening track, "Eclipse," and the dirty south booty shaker "Watchu Wanna Do Now" don't flip the instrumentals as interestingly, but they are both damn good hip-hop songs that could easily serve as singles. J-Zone, the underground's most recent wonder boy, helps out with some drum programming on "Steel Drums," along with some cuts by DJ Bamboo, and Wayne Flames and Paul Pot lend their vocals to the junglist posse cut "Unspoken Gospel," creating two more worthy tracks. Even when the beats fail, Melodramatic still ride the beat like any MC who created them should. While their self-titled debut may not be perfect, there are enough truly great tracks to make it a worthwhile addition to any underground lover's hip-hop collection. (L-Tight)