MellowHype "45"

MellowHype '45'
We all know that 2011 was an insane ride for California rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All -- just see our list of the ten highlights of their crazy year. Now, the spin-off project MellowHype is looking to make 2012 just as memorable by unleashing a new track.

MellowHype is a duo consisting of Odd Future members Left Brain and Hodgy Beats, the latter of whom took to his Tumblr to post the slow-burning new cut "45." You can stream it below.

He wrote "Get Ready for NUMBERS 2012." Numbers is the name of the forthcoming MellowHype album, but Pitchfork points to a subsequent tweet in which Hodgy notes, "whats funny is that 45 shit aint even on numbers. just be ready. MellowHype is ill as fuck. bank on it."