The Meligrove Band Announce Shimmering Lights

The Meligrove Band Announce <i>Shimmering Lights</i>
Long-running Toronto, ON indie rockers the Meligrove Band have broken a four-year silence between albums with the announcement of their fourth full-length. The album, called Shimmering Lights, will be released this fall, with help from some new label friends.

V2 released the band's breakthrough album, Planets Conspire, in 2006, but the Meligrove Band's upward trajectory took a turn for the worst when the label shut down at the height of their game. This allowed the group to work at their own pace on their sophomore effort. A press release describes this process as a "slow, piecemeal approach to album-making," as band members went "back to recording mostly in their homes, again with no idea of how the eventual album would be released."

The result is Shimmering Lights, a 12-track affair that perfectly showcases what Tokyo Police Club's Graham Wright describes as "a straight up shut the fuck up *rock* band in a time when most other bands act coy and try to be cool." The album will be released on September 21 via Nevado in Canada and Last Gang in the United States.

Prior to that, a seven-inch single for "Halflight" will be released on August 24. The B-side of the record is a cover of DD/MM/YYYY's "Super VGF." The MP3 for "Halflight" is also available from the band for free here.

Shimmering Lights:

 1. "Ghosts At My Back"

2. "Heart Attack"

3. "Make Believe It"

4. "White Like Lies"

5. "Halflight"

6. "Kingfisher"

7. "Racing to Shimmering Lights"

8. "Bones Attack!!!"

9. "This Work"

10. "Eagles"