Meligrove Band Bones of Things

Meligrove BandBones of Things
Toronto's Meligrove Band have always thrived on sounding slightly out of place. Their first few albums of psychedelic power-pop made for an easily enjoyable alternative to both the stripped-down dance-punk and also the mass-member ensembles of early-millennium indie-rock. They've continued to refine that sound to capitalize on their psych-rock tendencies and exploit the weirder side of pop possibilities. Meligrove Band's fifth full-length, Bones of Things, defiantly follows the path laid out on 2010's Shimmering Lights, foregrounding their talent for crafting perfect pop ditties and colouring the tunes with exuberant production flourishes (soaring synth lines on "Morning Owls," R.E.M.-worthy mandolins on "Sunrise Old," loads of Beach Boys–style vocal harmonies throughout and even the occasional "Woo!").

By remaining seemingly impervious to trends, the band draws inspiration from all over the modern rock map: both "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye" and "Woof!" are clearly indebted to early Strokes; the twisty guitarmonies powering "Ichi Ni" come across like classic Deerhoof; and album closer "Hearts" cops its drum groove from Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips. Even though Bones of Things is a bit of a mixed bag, Meligrove Band use that to their advantage, hauling out all manner of sonic surprises and melodic treats. (We Are Busy Bodies)