Mehkago N.T. "Morbid Uprising"

Mehkago N.T. 'Morbid Uprising'
There seems to be something a brewin’ in South Florida’s metal scene, and I’m not referring to those tiring "death metal birthplace” clichés. With the ascension of Torche, who’ve just recently signed to Hydra Head, Miami in particular is birthing a scene worth talking about with bands like Shitstorm and Mehkago N.T. Okay, so both of those bands feature members of Torche, which is how I discovered them, however, all three come packing their own distinct sound. Mehkago N.T. (featuring Rick Smith, who on top of drumming in Torche is also a member of Shitstorm) come from the Discharge school of hardcore, dropping that D-beat all over their tangent-heavy crust metal. To them they sound like "Total Destruction,” and it’s hard to argue that they’ve made an overstatement. Taken from the Human Extinction seven-inch on S.O.Y. Records, "Morbid Uprising” begins with some pretty commonplace thrashing, but a quick breakdown launches it into a tornado of malevolence that climaxes with P-Dub’s murderous growling gang chants flaunting the title’s perfect syllabic rhythm. The song’s evolution is its standout, however, as the three-guitar assault pummels its way through an endless barrage of changeovers, tempo shifts and the briefest of beserker licks that settle things down into a doom-y finish. At four minutes, it’s the length of five proper hardcore songs, which should appeal to dudes who like their throwdowns to last considerably longer.

Mehkago NT "Morbid Uprising”