The Megaphonic Thrift The Megaphonic Thrift

The Megaphonic ThriftThe Megaphonic Thrift
Near the beginning of the last decade, Danish quintet the Figurines received some brief attention for being one of the first bands to revive the '90s indie guitar scene. So it shouldn't come as a great surprise that fellow Scandinavians the Megaphonic Thrift would expand on this now-favoured sound with their sophomore self-titled LP. A super-group consisting of Norwegian musicians from bands no one in North America likely has heard of (except possibly Casiokids), the four members of the Megaphonic Thrift have crafted the playbook on melding nostalgia and innovation with their latest batch of Fender-bending slack anthems. Opener "Tune Your Mind" moves from fiery guitar intro to sweet boy-girl duet, while "Broken Glass/Yellow Fingers" takes shoegaze's magnetic pacing and adds an out-of-fashion nylon string outro. From raspy pseudo-ballad "I Wanted You to Know" to "Kotton Krown"-esque burner "Over the Mountain, Down in a Teaspoon," the Megaphonic Thrift demonstrate just how to execute an inventive and absorbing ode to a bygone era. (Sonic Unyon)