Megalynk 3 Maydays Don't Reach

With Maydays Don’t Reach, Megalynk 3’s follow-up to his Warn the Planet EP, producer Master Cylinder has topped himself with his best production yet. The three songs on this seven-inch start with rough and rugged loops and then add weird noises and sound effects; a perfect backdrop to the galactic boasts of Megalynk 3 (aka The Planet Smasher). The title track is the obvious highlight, merging a simple drum loop with a crunchy, synthetic bass line, plus a strange Pac-Man-like sample and a few piano notes, both punctuating the beat throughout. "Zeo Rhymer” creeps up on you with a simpler but faster-paced beat that is dominated by more possible video game samples. Although the flow isn’t always perfect, it’s here that Megalynk 3 demonstrates his best mic skills, rocking the up-tempo beat like the end of time is fast approaching. While both of these tracks are short at just two verses each, "Galactic Measure” weighs in with only one quick radio freestyle remixed for the seven-inch, and could even be considered filler, except that it’s actually a good song. Like Dr Octagon, Deltron and Phoenix Orion before him, Megalynk 3 joins the ranks of the sci-fi rappers, but this time it gets no rougher. (MXN)