Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Reveals His Canadian Roots

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Reveals His Canadian Roots
There's another reason to love and/or hate thrash metal originators Megadeth: Front-man Dave Mustaine has leaked word that he is of pseudo-Canadian descent.

Now that you know, you can either feel proud that we Canucks have yet another thing to identify with in the world or feel super ashamed that we would breed something that begat speed metal and probably has more various drugs coursing through his veins than a pharmacy has individual pills.

Seriously though, the 47-year-old guitarist/singer relayed the information to Edmonton Sun with surprising pride, stating, "My sister was doing some genealogy research and she found we were Canadian at one time. My mom was German and my dad was French-Irish, and my dad's side of the family migrated down from Canada at one point. When my sister told me that, I thought that was awesome."

If you didn't know, the California-based Megadeth had been one-half Canadian for a short time until drummer Shawn Drover's brother Glen left the fold in 2007, feeling the negative effect from Megadeth's rigourous touring schedule.

"I've had a Canadian guy in the band for five years now, and I just love that," Mustaine continued. "I used to have two but one retired. So, anyway I went up to Shawn and told him. He said, 'I knew you were cool for some reason, eh? Now give me some money.'"