Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Collapses Before Russian Gig

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Collapses Before Russian Gig
Metal icon Dave Mustaine collapsed before a Megadeth gig in St. Petersburg, Russia on Wednesday (March 16), citing kidney stone pains as the reason the metal titans truncated their performance. What's incredible is that Mustaine still managed to maintain his composure for a quick set before being rushed to the hospital.

In an interview with [via NME], Mustaine explained that he was suffering from kidney stone pains and was advised to head to a medical facility immediately. Courageously, the metal vet insisted that he not disappoint his devoted following and ended up playing a short, six-song set before heading to the hospital.

"Two hours before the show I started to feel like I had a hernia, or I'd been hit in the groin. I told my tour manager I needed a doctor and it might be in my best interest to cancel the show," Mustaine said. "I was told to pee for the doctors. They explained there was blood, and gave me an IV, an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory injection. The next hour is blurry. But I woke up and David Ellefson was holding my hand and praying over me. They told me they could hold the show for 30 minutes but I said, 'Guys, I am okay, and we can do this.'"

Mustaine has since said that he's "95 percent better," meaning the band won't be cancelling any upcoming performances. Megadeth are currently out on the road with Slayer, who have been having some health problems of their own, between Jeff Hanneman's flesh-eating disease and Tom Araya's extreme dehydration. Tough times for the metal gods, but thankfully it looks as if they're all pulling through.

CORRECTION: As one commenter has pointed out, Mustaine's personal assistant has issued a statement regarding reports of his "collapse." According to the PA, such reports have been greatly exaggerated. You can read the statement here.