Megadeth Shed Light on Their Endgame

Megadeth Shed Light on Their <i>Endgame</i>
Thrash metal originators Megadeth have finally come up with a name for their forthcoming 12th studio effort. In his typically cryptic fashion, front-man/guitarist Dave Mustaine has opted to call it Endgame.

It's not slated for release until September of this year by relatively long-time home Roadrunner Records, but there's already a lot of speculation popping up around the metal community about this follow-up to 2007's acclaimed United Abominations after Mustaine's comments that "it is fast, it is heavy, there is singing, yelling, speaking and guest voices..."

What we do know about Endgame right now is that it's produced by Mustaine and Andy Sneap (Cathedral, Cradle of Filth) at the band's own Vic's Garage, and will include the tracks "Headcrusher," "1,320," "How the Story Ends" and "This Day We Fight." It'll also be the first album with new guitarist Chris Broderick (Nevermore, Jag Panzer) who replaced Glen Drover after he kind of got sick of touring last year.

Oh yes, and in more Mustaine fashion, there's a political twist to the album. It's named for Operation Endgame, a plan introduced by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2003 and signed by former President George W. Bush. Through the plan, the U.S. government intends to deport all removable illegal immigrants by 2012. 

"Thematically, I've never been known to be a silent bystander in a world that needs our participation," says Mustaine. "As more is revealed about our former president's legacy, a little-known yet staggeringly frightening document which was signed into law, named 'Endgame,' has been uncovered.

"The album Endgame is the most energetic music offering I have penned in over a decade and is far more believable than knowing someone signed 'Endgame' - the document - into law. The album is also the perfect ass-kicking music to listen to once you are done reading the aforementioned document!"

'Cause, you know how metal heads like to read a whack of political papers and then unwind by spinning some 'Deth, right?

In some related Megadeth news, did you know that Mustaine has himself some Canadian roots