Megadeth Co-Founder Dave Ellefson Returns for Rust in Peace Tour; Dave Mustaine to Release Autobiography

Megadeth Co-Founder Dave Ellefson Returns for <i>Rust in Peace</i> Tour; Dave Mustaine to Release Autobiography
In a move sure to have many a longhair scratching their noggin', Dave Ellefson, who played bass for Megadeth from 1983 to 2002, but since has been feuding with band leader Dave Mustaine, has rejoined the group. It's kind of shocking, considering the beef between the two culminated in a failed $18.5 million lawsuit from Ellefson against Mustaine back in 2004.

Ellefson joins the band just in time for the 20th anniversary tour of the band's drop-dead classic release Rust in Peace going down in March, with support from fellow legacy thrashers Testament and Exodus.

The missing pieces of the thrasher's wet-dream puzzle are now RIP drummer Nick Menza and guitarist Marty Friedman, but if Ellefson and Mustaine can put their public disputes behind them (Mustaine countersued Ellefson in '05; it was settled out of court), anything is possible. And a full-scale RIP reunion would make many hashers worldwide more than a little happy, beefs or no beefs.

In other Megadeth news, Mustaine will be releasing his autobiography on April 13 via HarperCollins. The book is called Wake Up Dead: A Heavy Metal Memoir and promises to be as much of a train-wreck page-turner as anything Nikki Sixx could come up with. After all, Mustaine has lived through some serious shit, most of it brought on by himself.

For example, we look forward to reading him talk trash about all his former band-mates (no other original, or even mid-era, members of Megadeth remain in the band, with the exception of now Ellefson). We can't wait to hear him talk about his time in Metallica, which he generally doesn't waste an opportunity to talk about. And, considering the following quote from Mustaine, taken from the book, published on The Metal Den [via], we're really, really looking forward to it:

I put two hexes on people, and they both worked and the result was just what I was asking for. Now, it took forever to get that Satanic depression off of me because it's just like playing with a Ouija board. You open the doorway to the dark side, and spirits come through. It took almost 20 years to get rid of that Satanic depression. I did it when I was 15, and I don't think I got free of it until I was in my mid 30s. You ask yourself, 'How is it possible that this is happening to me?' Well, because you flirted with the devil and you put a hex on somebody and you put another hex on somebody, and, well, you owe him. And that's why I have a problem playing "The Conjuring'"today.

Mustaine talking about an, ahem, "satanic depression"? A bizarre, long-winded explanation as to why he doesn't play a song from an album that came out 24 years ago? Yep, this is going to be good.

Megadeth's last album was last year's Endgame.