Megadeth "The Threat Is Real"

Megadeth 'The Threat Is Real'
Ahead of next year's Dystopia album, metal titans Megadeth will release a 12-inch single for the track "The Threat Is Real" for Record Store Day's Black Friday event, and that song can now be heard ahead of time.

The song begins with spooky ambience, creepy clanking and Eastern-inflected signing. It's not too long before a blitz of rapid-fire electric guitars enters, and the arrangement explodes into a hard-charging surge of metal aggression. Frontman Dave Mustaine growls about leprosy, vultures, bloodlust and more ghoulish topics before shredding guitar solos take the spotlight.

Listen to the song below. The 12-inch version of the single comes backed with a cover for Fear's "Foreign Policy," which is likewise on Dystopia. The full album is due out January 22 via Universal Music

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