Meg Lee Chin Piece and Love

“If you take a bar in a song at random and you loop it, it always sounds cool,” Meg Lee Chin reveals about her superb slick mellow debut album. When she wasn’t fronting all-star industrial supergroup Pigface, she was holed up in her London flat, building and recording a fantastic new look at a sometimes tired scene. “I like to work at home. I’ve become a librarian, keeping track of samples, wav names, fucking midi-channels,” she exclaims. Thankfully, managing all of those tasks didn’t interrupt her creative process and her album stirs in many rich and detailed soundscapes. The other disadvantage with recording at home is having mates drop by for a visit, “I was working on ‘Sunrise,’ and [a drunk friend] knocked on the door and said ‘Can I hang out? She sat on my bed talking and she wouldn’t shut up. Finally her voice just became part of the track. I just stuck a microphone in front of her.” The whole song is held together with very trippy, almost Garbage-esque industrial rhythms. Meg’s angst-filled lullaby vocals are a nice change from the overburdened screaming heard on most industrial albums. While the album feels delicate, the hard edge rides the electrical undercurrent, just like Meg herself. (Invisible)