The Meets It Happens Outside

The MeetsIt Happens Outside
This is a kaleidoscopic LP that's gargantuan in ambition and scope. Jazz, classical, turntablism and musique concrète tumble over and around each other, anchored only by the singular vision of Brandon Locher (the brain trust behind the Meets and co-founder of Johnstown, PA's My Idea of Fun collective). Featuring a roster of players that's nearly two-dozen strong, the ensemble were recorded out in the field by Locher, who participated on a number of instruments, and then the various parts were collated into two side-long assemblages. There are 12 pieces mentioned in the liner notes, but they play out as two seamless halves of an epic, multi-faceted radio play. The unflagging energy with which the sounds unfold belies the album's processed origins — the music feels too organic not to have been played live. Through sheer sonic wizardry, with It Happens Outside, Locher has his listeners fooled.