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The reunion of L.A. noise pop specialists Medicine seemed to get overlooked greatly in the fuss that was made over a new album by former Creation labelmates My Bloody Valentine. But as band architect Brad Laner promised, Medicine would be quite a prolific force in their return, and he wasn't kidding. Just one year after their first new album in 18 years, To The Happy Few, Laner, Elizabeth Thompson and Jim Goodall have yet another new full-length to prove they are an unstoppable creative force. Home Everywhere doesn't waste any time assuming its rank as one of the band's most ambitious and expansive works.

Medicine have described the album as "omni-directional," and it certainly doesn't follow any particular path. Opener "Move Along Down The Road" travels at a mile a minute, splashing the vocals of Laner and Thompson with impatient drums and effects-heavy guitar. The aptly titled "Don't Be Slow" lets them catch their breath, but with it they overload their sonic palette with too many clunky sounds. Near-ballad "It's All About You" is a better example of how the band can use space without the need to burden the mix too much.

Sometimes the album's constant zigzagging can create a bit of a discombobulated effect, but Medicine have never been the sort to adhere to any rules but their own. Home Everywhere continues their pursuit to make some of the most beautiful noise out there. (Captured Tracks)
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