Medical Study Reveals Headbanging Can Cause Brain Injuries

Medical Study Reveals Headbanging Can Cause Brain Injuries
Today (December 19th), doctors delivered a stark warning to all headbangers: wear a neck brace or be prepared for a life of pain.

In a new Australian study, a Sydney-based researcher has found that habitual headbanging is causing a whole metal-loving generation to fall victim to preventable head and neck injuries, the Herald newspaper reports.

The finding comes by way of Dr. Andrew McIntosh, a biomedical and injury expert at the University Of New South Wales, who researched headbanging and recently published his findings in the British Medical Journal.

"We identified a definite risk of mild traumatic brain injury from headbanging," McIntosh said. "We would suggest a proper public health warning, as for smoking."

The study revealed that an average bangin' song with 146 beats per minute is likely to cause mild injury if the head's range of motion is greater than 75 degrees. And the faster the tempo and the greater the headbang the higher the risk of injury.

As a result of the findings, McIntosh is now urging metal fans to wear a neck brace when they rock the noggin. Or "Perhaps AC/DC should play something more appropriate, such as "Moon River," the doctor joked.

There appears to be no mention in the study of the possible side effects of wearing a neck brace, such as getting your ass kicked by other metal fans for looking like a total turd.

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