Means To Keep Me From Sinking

Means’ newest album, To Keep Me From Sinking, stays buoyant with its traditional punk rock style and adds a splash of pop vocals and hardcore rhythm to make for a turbulent ride. Opener "Awareness” gives way to Dylan Johnstone’s raspy, yet clean, vocals over poppy, upbeat drumming interrupted by the coarse screams of Matt Goud, just before a couple of short and punctual breakdowns, which add to the effect of the muted chugs from guitarist Goud. Luckily these young Canucks don’t fall victim to repetition, utilising their differing sounds nicely throughout and letting the hardcore do the moshing on "Breaking In,” but with the aid of poppy choruses listeners have many chances to sing along while banging their heads. It would be brash to say this album is original or inventive, but that’s not what To Keep Me From Sinking is attempting. This album shows that Means can take familiar sounds of the post-hardcore era and turn them into something that’s typically listless and make it vicious. (Underground Operations)