McLusky McLusky Do Dallas

Welsh noisesters McLusky know a lot about indecency; their Steve Albini-produced debut album McLusky Do Dallas is as crude as the title suggests. Beginning with a song titled "Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues,” the record is a whopping heap of noise (à la the Jesus Lizard) that fails to slow down at all. Even their poppier moments, like the indie sludge of "Collagen Rock,” are filled with heavy panting and inane screams. According to the band, their music "is for fucking,” and while it may not be the most beautiful or sensual music, it has enough energy to get something moving. McLusky may play the fool, but there really isn’t anything stupid about this band. McLusky Do Dallas has a good visceral feeling to it that offers the same kind of commodity that something like wrestling offers: it’s silly, violent and full of drama, but there are some smart men running this operation, and it’s a real rush when you’re into it. (Too Pure)