Mcenroe Billy's Vision

Every so often an album is released that is such an overwhelming surprise that you can't do anything but listen in complete awe. Now, this is not to say that Mcenroe's previous productions (Fermented Reptile, Park-Like Setting, and his own stuff) have been slack in the least, but the beautiful orchestrations and musical movements on this album are just phenomenal. While there may be the occasional cut and scratch, along with some vocal samples, the majority of this album is purely instrumental. Mcenroe's album creates great atmosphere and mystery. Conceived and created as the musical accompaniment to the documentary film Billy's Vision, the CD rests comfortably inside a chapbook, containing photographs and various memories that spawned the documentary work. Funded by Saskatoon's art gallery, the Mendel, and written by Andrew Hunter, Billy's Vision is supposedly a true story about a small group's experiences with an alien or angel (it is never made fully clear). Whether you believe in its reality or not, Billy's Vision comes off as an honestly tragic tale. The documentary should be interesting. (Peanuts & Corn)