MC Moore & Exit Only


MC Moore & Exit OnlyHardcore
London, ON rap duo MC Moore & Exit Only proclaim on the title track of sophomore collab album Hardcore that "this is for the hardcore heads." Their throwback sound is filled with boom-bap breakbeats, samples, cut-up choruses and shout-along hooks, along with witty lyrics and an expressed desire to be individuals. The subject matter is primarily braggadocio and expressions of love for hip-hop and the elements.
It all makes for a fun party album and great options for a live set, but the duo break the mould for the final two songs. "Move On" looks at two relationships that had to end over a fairly minimal beat with a catchy guitar loop that serves as a great transition from the traditional boom-bap of the rest of the album, while final track "ChequeMate," which combines monk chants, vocal samples, a snake charmer's flute and a drum track for a fairly dark and experimental beat, even provides a little more of a story in the song. A few more like this would have been a nice addition to the album. Still, at only ten tracks, Hardcore is a quick and satisfying listen. (Independent)
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