MC Homeless MC Homeless / Homicide

Not long after his debut, Under an Ohio Sky, MC Homeless teams with now defunct Indonesian rock rap outfit Homicide for this impressive slice of split vinyl. MC Homeless trades in the political raps of his debut for four forthright songs about death over brooding, melancholy production that suits the mood of the lyrics. "Building and Braking,” a plodding production by Ira Lee, with a guest appearance from the infamous Riddlore of Chillin Villain Empire/Project Blowed, is a definite highlight on the Homeless side. But it’s trumped by the Homicide side, which features heavy beats composed of live drum, bass, guitar and turntable manipulation, a perfect backing for the angry, political raps of front-man Morgue Vanguard. The lyrics aren’t in English but the liner notes thoughtfully describe the contents of each song, which can be summed up as disgust with authoritarian globalisation. The first two songs, "Pathos” and "Belatis Kalam Profan,” stay within the regular parameters of hip-hop but the band strip back the facade with the Bomb Squad-inspired "Siti Jenar Cypher Drive,” which almost borders on death metal. It’s a fine way to end their side, as well as a fine way to end the overall listening experience of this split-twelve-inch. Another sick release from Dis.eased Wrekkids. (Dis.eased Wrekkids)