Mazarin Watch It Happen

"Psychedelphia," better known as "the place to be," is where '60s obsessed hipsters and guitar freaks who stare at their shoes a lot like to meet up and form bands. Mazarin and the Asteroid No.4 are no strangers to this scene. Mazarin is basically Quentin Stoltzfus, the singer/songwriter/guitarist of the band. Watch It Happen contains some of the loveliest contemporary, psychedelic pop songs that not written by an Elephant 6 band. "Wheats" is the definitive moment with its marching drumbeats and sing-a-long chorus. The Asteroid No.4 is more focused on sounding like yesterday's bands like the Byrds or the Eyes, than any of today's. Produced by the Lilys' Kurt Heasley, the sound is not unlike Heasley's own music, but extends the sounds into a world of folk, "Strawberry Fields"-esque psychedelia and spiritually enlightened lyrics. Plenty of jangly guitars and tambourine shaking, along with flowery ballads dedicated to kings and queens, the #4 (as they're called in their bio) should please anyone looking for a good contemporary take on the flower power year (Victoria)