Mazarin A Tall-Tale Storyline

Mazarin's debut album, Watch It Happen, was a well-crafted psychedelic pop album. The songs were fresh, adventurous and full of lovely noise. A Tall-Tale Storyline, the sophomore album, shows Mazarin (aka Quentin Stoltzfus) using the same type of folk, psychedelia and pop he did with its predecessor, taking it even further this time around. The epic "Go Home" starts everything off with some irritating noise that eventually yields to some fine melodic hooks and perfectly placed programmed beats. Also impressive is "What Sees the Sky," which uses some fancy guitar playing, possibly modelled after Roger McGuinn's 12-string work with the Byrds. With an odd and complex instrumental ("2.22.1"), a fuzzy rocker ("My Favorite Green Hill") and a heartbreaking country-western ditty ("Limits of Language"), A Tall-Tale Storyline is a strong and complete record for a musician who likes to be all over the place. (Spinart)