Maynards Stole Your Lunch Money

What’s not to like about the Maynards? Their snappy-but-scrappy take on the nouveau garage pop is all about clever jabs, not fake cynicisms, and their new disc, as introductions go, is a slightly flirtatious, mostly friendly smack to the face. All three members take on rotating/harmonising vocal duties, eschewing the single-ego-centric rock approach like many Halifax bands before them. And so much the better for it. You might think that a record called Stole Your Lunch Money would be overly infatuated with the kidz in school, but after the catchy opener "Universal Cute Boy,” these 20-somethings move from playful shots at their local music scene on "Kustom 250,” to the spasmodic vocal delivery of "Menstropolis,” to the commentary-enriched chant-anthem "Radio,” dashing off ten songs in less than 24 minutes — and passing the leave-’em-wanting-more test with flying colours. (King Amos)